I’m so sorry dear Friends, I have been absent for far too long. It’s appalling. Never before have I had such a gap in my little updates. But then ‘life’ has been rather busy.

Whilst I have been away there has been lots and lots of real work. That is important to me and it’s vital that I dedicate time and energy to it. When I have sat down I have turned to the crochet hook and the knitting needle.

As usual there have been plenty of design projects, lots which I can’t show you – which really does frustrate me at times. I’ve already finished some commissions for Christmas. I hardly dare say it.

I”ve also been working on the sequel to Cute Crocheted Animals. If you made some of the little chaps from the first book, you will be delighted to know that I have designed some new outfits for you. The most exciting

thing has been creating the new creatures with new features.

Whenever I’m in the midst of a big commission, I do end up distracting myself with a cheeky wee project on the side. I began working on some projects for a friend of mine who is having a baby.

I decided to start making her a blanket that had both knitted and crochet squares. Both of which would be fine, but the knitted squares take so much longer. I’m worried that I won’t get it finished.

I did manage to complete this cute little cloud cushion for the cot. Definitely a Friday evening project. I went all maverick and didn’t even write down the pattern. I know, I know….what a fool. But sometimes its nice not to be crochet-responsible.

I also went mad and picked up some shimmery cotton. Like a woman obsessed I decided that I MUST make a crocheted skirt for the summer. I mean really… Fortunately it seems to work Ok, but you definitely need a slip under it. Sorry to say I am far too vain to show you. But I think it will work both in the summer and into the autumn with tights.

Finally I have some really brilliant news – Crocheted Succulents has been nominated in the ‘Best Crochet Book’ catagory of the British Knitting and Stitching Awards. If you have nominated. Thank you so much. If you haven’t voted – please do pop across and do so. I would be so very grateful. Lots of

my yarny friends have nominated too – so I am delighted for them. You can vote via the this link – Let’s Knit Awards

I promise I will try not to leave it so long before I post again. There is plenty to share with you and plenty to tell you. If you have projects to share or news, don’t forget to comment below. I love to hear from you.

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