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SewYeah’s pompom this month is a juicy watermelon. Get ready to wind!

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There’s something about the colour combination of green, pink, white and black that automatically says summer to me! This pompom makes me so happy to look at even if it’s a grey and drab day outside – once glance at this little cutie cheers me right up.

p.s: The number of wraps I have written here may vary for you depending on how tight you wrap your yarn. Try not to wrap too tight as that will make the yarn hard to cut through at the end!

You will need:

To make the skin

Take the Racing Green yarn and wind it 80 times around one half of the maker, work back and forth across the maker so the yarn wraps are evenly spread.

Next take the Neon Green yarn and wrap this 160 times over the Racing Green yarn so it is all covered.

Repeat with the Racing Green yarn wrapping it 160 times over the Neon Green yarn

Finish with 160 wraps of the Neon Green yarn.

Watermelon Poms! • LoveCrochet Blog - image WATERMELON-LOVE-CROCHET-e1528293585442 on https://knitting-crocheting-yarn.com

To make the insides

On the other half of the maker take the Neon Pink and the Bubblegum Pink and wrap them together back and forth across the maker 60 times.

Take the Pure Black yarn and wrap it around the maker 5 times. It doesn’t matter where you wrap this yarn as you are making the seeds and they can appear anywhere.  Continue wrapping the two pinks back and forth across the maker every often adding another 5 wraps of black to make more seeds.

When the maker is three quarters full snip off the Neon Pink yarn and continue wrapping the Bubblegum Pink for a further 100 wraps or until at the layer below is covered. Repeat with the Paper White yarn.

Close the maker and cut through both sides of the pompom to expose the maker. Take two 30cm lengths of wool – one of Neon Green and one of Racing Green, wrap these both around the middle of the maker and tie a tight knot. Wrap the strands back around the maker and tie a tight double knot. Make sure the knot is at the top of the pompom where the skin meets the pulp.

Remove the maker.

Give the watermelon a good shake and a good trim. Move the individual strands of black wool to make the seeds look neater.

Take the two strands of Neon Green and twist them together. Repeat with the Racing Green (place a weight -scissors or phone on the ends of the neon green to stop them untwisting while you twist the other strands.

When the colours are twisted hold both strands together and the pompom will spin – somehow untwisting but also twisting the two strands together – don’t ask me how it does it, it’s just magic!! Use this thread to hang your pompom from your bag or somewhere eye-catching.


For more pompom fun, check out the blog!


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